january 2013

Ascending/Descending was an installation on display at the entrance to the U.S. Customs checkpoint in the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The installation consisted of a standard-sized doorway that held a sandblasted acrylic screen. The treated Plexiglas sheet acted as a projection surface for a responsive video. A projector displayed the life-size image of an elevator door onto the translucent screen. In front of the fake elevator door lied down a standard entrance mat concealing a custom-made pressure sensor. The elevator door opened up to passers-by when someone triggered the sensor by stepping on the mat.

The artist would like to thank Aaron Sinclair for his indispensable assistance in the construction and installation of Ascending/Descending.

Floor switch design
Processing code
Arduino code

prototype of Ascending/Descending during Nocturne – 2012

october 2012

Prototype installation of Ascending/Descending at Nocturne – 2012
Halifax Seaport, Halifax NS, Canada.