Untitled – Scrolling voice project

november 2013

Excerpt from the SilverPlatter website:

José Andrés Mora’s scrolling text work at Silver Platter Contemporary Art Projects displays looping excerpts from a voice that delivers messages, news, and bits of conversations to passers-by and residents of a small neighbourhood in Roncesvalles, Toronto. The text crawls around a cube-shaped box that is visible from street level. While the cube’s shape makes the text legible from different angles, it also restricts the number of characters visible at one time. Using only capital letters and no punctuation, the cadence and rhythm in the written voice changes based on the spaces between words and the scrolling text speed.

The project is on display from Winter 2013 to mid Spring 2014.
Messages change every day, sometime in the afternoon, and become visible at night.

An archive of the daily uploaded texts is available here.

Video of the inaugural message, on November 26, 2013.