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Continuous Script, 2019

13 monitors hang next to each other in a single row, each displaying scrolling animations of one of these single words: ALL, ALWAYS, AFRAID, AND, AGHAST. Scrolling each word from right to left at a synchronous speed, the animations seamlessly carry the appearance of the letter “A” from one monitor to the next. Combined with the letter “H” (from the word “AGHAST”) the resulting effect is a continued expression across all monitors of the exclamations: AAAH, HA, AHA, HAHA.


  • Video synchronization

Materials & dimensions:

  • Variable number of LCD Monitors
  • Network-enabled synching media players
  • Variable dimensions


  • Birch Contemporary, Cognizance, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 2019
  • University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada – 2019