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Reeler, 2020

In Reeler, a monitor mounted on a motorized carriage moves in a sinusoidal acceleration and deceleration curve from both ends of a 22-foot rail. As the monitor moves, its screen displays a horizontally scrolling text that matches the speed of the monitor, creating the effect of the monitor scanning over a text. As the monitor scans across the rail, the text changes on each pass, retrieving words in the correct syntax even as it moves backwards. This work directly addresses the viewer in varying emotional tones – speaking in second person as it promises to the reader, forgives the reader, quits on them, warns them, and congratulates them.


  • Java program
  • Serial communication
  • Loop function

Materials & dimensions:

  • Variable dimensions
  • LVL engineered wood beam (24′)
  • Steel rail
  • Arduino microcontroller
  • Stepper motor


  • Artspace Peterborough, The Mornings in Reverse, Peterborough, ON, Canada – 2022
  • Dalhousie Art Gallery, Gut Feeling, Halifax, NS, Canada – 2020