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Wavemaker, 2023

Wavemaker, 2023

Wavemaker is an installation comprising a wave flume, a narrow, elongated water tank with a motorized paddle on one end. The paddle rocks back and forth to produce waves that travel across the flume.
In Wavemaker, the densely tinted water conceals words below its surface. As the paddle pulses, water ripples across the length of the channel, revealing the words as the valleys of each wave caress the words secured below the surface. Viewers read the writing at the speed of the waves that reveal it.
The text for this sculpture changes each exhibition, and the writing addresses the shifting edges of memory as one recalls images from one’s past.
The Ontario Arts Council generously supported the production of this project through a Creation Project Grant; without the council’s support, this project would not have been possible.


  • Kinetic sculpture

Materials & dimensions:

  • Duty Motor
  • Steel tank
  • Pond-liner